Assessment Letter and Tax Bill Q&A

Each year, District staff receives hundreds of calls concerning assessment increase letters and/or residents’ property tax bill.  Below is a compilation of commonly asked questions to help you better understand the notice that was sent to you.  Should you have additional questions, please contact our office.

Why did I receive this letter?

You received this letter because the Board for the Community Development District (CDD) in which you reside has proposed an increase in assessments from this year to next year.  The CDD is required to send written notice, informing you of the proposed increase, as well as the time, date and location of the Public Hearing where the increase will be considered by the CDD Board.

What are the assessments for?

The assessments are intended to finance the operation, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure covered by the CDD.  This may include stormwater drainage, roadways, irrigation, landscaping, and water and sewer improvements.

I’ve never paid these before…

You may not be aware, but the CDD’s assessments are included on your property tax bill each year, under the non-ad valorem section.  Therefore, they are not billed separately.

Why is the amount so significant?

A comprehensive breakdown of expenditures can be found in the CDD’s budget, which is available on the CDD’s official website.  To access your CDD’s website, please visit

Can I pay them off?

While it is possible for property owners to prepay the debt portion of the assessment, the Operation & Maintenance portion cannot be paid in advance. For additional information regarding debt prepayments, please refer to our request form at

Why is my neighbor’s bill lower?

Multiple factors can contribute to variations in billing amounts. Generally, lot size and/or property type are the primary reasons for such discrepancies.

Is this billed every year?

Yes, the assessment is included on your annual property tax bill, specifically under the non-ad valorem section.

When will I finish paying off these assessments?

Typically, the debt portion represents repayment for a 30-year bond that was issued when the community was established.  The Operations & Maintenance portion is necessary for ongoing CDD operations and will continue for the duration of the CDD’s existence.

Why are my taxes so high?

Please note that the CDD is solely responsible for the non-ad valorem assessments associated with the CDD. For a comprehensive breakdown of expenditures, you can consult the CDD’s budget, available on the official CDD website. To find your CDD’s website, please visit If you have inquiries about other items listed on your property tax bill, we recommend reaching out to the County Tax Collector’s office.