Special District Services, Inc. creates and manages special taxing districts throughout the State of Florida. SDS was organized to meet the growing demand for urban services and provide a public financing vehicle to serve community infrastructure and service needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

SDS is a results-oriented company with the philosophy that a Public-Private Partnership is an essential ingredient for the successful delivery of public infrastructure through the use of special districts. The basic concept being that growth pays for itself. We are committed to tailoring services to provide essential planning, organization, management, financing and construction of public facilities through the use of special taxing districts.


Todd “Woody” Wodraska

Todd Wodraska serves as the President of the firm and has been with the company since 2005. Todd served as Mayor of his hometown Jupiter, Florida from 2016-2022 and served on the Jupiter Town Council the 12 years prior.  His prior experience includes trading bonds for Salomon Smith Barney in New York and William R. Hough & Co in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has been instrumental in the growth of SDS with his unique expertise in financing and government.

Mr. Wodraska is a Florida State University graduate with a degree in Finance and earned his Masters in Business Administration from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He served as the President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities and sits on the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Special Districts and is an alumni of Leadership Florida and Leadership Palm Beach County.

Peter L. Pimentel

Mr. Pimentel is the Chairman of SDS and founded the company with Robert Norris in 1993. Pete has many years of experience with government and has been one of the pioneers in Florida for special districts. From 1979 to 2003, he was the Executive Director of Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District and has been responsible for more then $300 million in public financing for development in Northern Palm Beach County.

Pete has been instrumental in the passage of special district laws and continues to work with the Florida Association of Special Districts in this regard. His public financing experience was instrumental in securing financing for Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District (LRD) for a regional wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system during his tenure with that agency. A planner by education and training, Pete has authored over 40 special assessment methodology reports and created more than 60 special districts in his career.

Professional Staff


Tricia LasCasas
Laura Archer
Frank Dunn
Pablo Jerez
Ronald Galvis
Ryan Quiroga
John Gallagher
Robert Stillwaggon
Mike Smith
Stephen Meyer
James Calvert
Stefan Molner


Jeff Walker
Michael McElligott
Andrew Karmeris, CPA
James Candela
Sylvia Bethel
Tyler Scheurenbrand


Tori Shamy
Pamela Baker
Jesse Wargo
Gabrielle Vitucci
Brielle Barba

SDS is fully staffed with professionals in the following disciplines: Accounting, Budget & Finance, District Management, Operations Management, Construction Administration, Assessment Methodology Development, Assessment Roll Development and Maintenance, Record Keeping, Customer Service and Administrative Support. In addition to our in-house multi-disciplinary team, SDS also has assembled a team of experts from among its highly qualified independent consultants to provide the services necessary to achieve project success.